I started this ministry after seeing a number of children on the roads and also seeing many people suffering because they lack what to eat and also to do like the orphans who were lacking  school fees to study and also the widow lacking what to eat and  also where to stay and also has God said we should help the needy because   the Lord our father is the father to the fatherless and the husband to the window and he can be when we christian we are helping him.
As  christians we should help the needy because God loved us so we should also love others like the needy so that we can make God also be happy and we are to serve him in all ways so that  in the kingdom of God we will have eternal life  and  Lord the father tells us to share what we have  with others who do not have and when I read that I started helping the needy even when I do not have enough I know God is the provider of every thing I just trust him and I call upon any one who have got the heart that I have to join me and support  the needy God will Bless us .
Pastor Joseph.