Wednesday, January 20, 2010


H O P E Restoration Africa 
is here on the loving role that the Lord Jesus Christ, has endured us with, we are really moving in the spirit of our father in heaven by seeking cordial relationship to any one who is in position to offer love and a warm welcome to suffering families and the children in Africa.

H O P E Restoration Ministries -Uganda is the perfect place to operate accordingly to Gods will here by promoting the kingdom of God through offering love that God embraced his children with through our lord Jesus Christ,, the girl in the picture is Deborah, 3 years old, she is only longing to find her grade school and nursery 
Proverbs 28:

27 He who gives to the poor will lack nothing, but he who closes
 his eyes to them receives many curses. 


 H O P E Restoration Ministries 
Thanks you for loving and allowing hope in these children's lives


By virture of our role as Hope restoration Ministries-Uganda , we have got a passion to see to it that all the generation benefit from our minorty programs, to mention it , the pausing up boy is, also longing to find Aid from Hope Restoration ministries , this is a young boy of only 7 years of age , his disadvantaged due to the death of his beloved mother , he was left with no care taker , and next of kin to take care of him self , but by being Christians by faith , we find hurting and to a great value to run in for JOEL BATAMBUZE , so that we restore hope back to him , being at that tender age , by the virture of the sight , Joes pauses with a groom face , not because his agry , but due to the great soul that he has so far faced in life , we therefore , request you out there, to come forth and help this suffering children in Africa we shall have achieved a motive ..together we can may God bless you as you draw nearer......

Hope Restoration Ministries Beneficiaries

hello , Hope restoration ministries is here to give hope future and a destiny to the dis advangeous generation like the one in the photo above , this is one our restored beneficiaries pausing in the back ground , his by names known as SENTAMU JACKSON ,
his a christian by faith , and he is registered with us but missing his school due to luck of support to find school,

his a total orphan boy , no father , no mother to find both essential and basic needs for his well being ,is reall in a great need

Saturday, January 16, 2010


She is a single mother the Husband died , due to the HIV/AIDS Scandle that is striking Africa , But Glory be to God the father Who is using hope restoration ministries to reach out to such marginalized individual to help them peruse life being a gift from our God

She is SO PROUD to H.R.M- UGfor the restless effort which they have shown while empowering her to this status may the lord bless you so mighty ,I ask all people to come on and work with hope restoration ministries so that you can help more other people like what you have done for me Being a widow , i seemed that they may not be any opportunity for me in this world again , but                     God still has a good plan for me and even the rest, who are there thank you ...
julliet NA MBOZE


The photo is showing a nuclear family that was lucking shelter , they have got three children as portrayed in the photo , but it was being affected by the weather conditions , and by being christians by faith, we felt pitty to these young generation untill we went out to restore them by constructing for them the house you see in the background, in order to save the health of these children , and even the gentle man and the wife as they are proudly smiling
. the load is too much , but the source is limited you can be part of these

Right now muslems are preparing for the jihad to take over the world , for allah islamic training cumps are rising up world wide with a massege of hate , characterised by mercilessbeheadings , yet the lord also has people in training , a people he is going to use to face down the wrath of this world and to bring hope to the lives of his people , how will he acomplish this ???He is tarining and equiping his servants in his loving kind ness and peace , our God is God Of love and he wont use bombs Guns or suicid to win his war but an over coming people who are fearless in the lord of tender mercies as they proclaim the gosple which is God 's power to save the lost


H O P E Restoration Africa

Is asking for your to help change the lives of the street children and family in Africa. Be the beacon of light God has made you to be. 

Even if you can not donate financial you do need you prayers.  

PLEDGE :________________________________

$10 USD       $20 USD
$50 USD       $100 USD
$1000 USD


H O P E Restoration Ministries
Street Children Donations
Telephone  + 256 774 711553 Admin: Eddrine
Cell + 256 777 055789 Director: Joseph


Remember every thing you for God is rewarding inasmuch God weighs the love with which you give more than the act itself
HRM-UG is facilitated by the seed offering give by people like you to enable us help the orphans and also do the evanglism ministries,
The money given is entirely for Evanglism and provision transportation to our evanglists, SCHOOL FEES , MEALS AND ACOMMODATION

HRM-UG is a good fertile soil for your seed to bring forth mighty harvest not only for the kingdom but also for your own as you give , you enter in to a convenant of God's peace and provison upon your life and your family it'self its a great blessing to give to God ,
The harvest is plentiful , but the workres are few
luke 10 :2