Wednesday, January 20, 2010


By virture of our role as Hope restoration Ministries-Uganda , we have got a passion to see to it that all the generation benefit from our minorty programs, to mention it , the pausing up boy is, also longing to find Aid from Hope Restoration ministries , this is a young boy of only 7 years of age , his disadvantaged due to the death of his beloved mother , he was left with no care taker , and next of kin to take care of him self , but by being Christians by faith , we find hurting and to a great value to run in for JOEL BATAMBUZE , so that we restore hope back to him , being at that tender age , by the virture of the sight , Joes pauses with a groom face , not because his agry , but due to the great soul that he has so far faced in life , we therefore , request you out there, to come forth and help this suffering children in Africa we shall have achieved a motive ..together we can may God bless you as you draw nearer......

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